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Crystal received her degree in Strategic Journalism from the Colorado State University. Since 2016, she has been contributing to various media outlets as a freelance contributor. She also worked as a feature editor and a business strategist. In her spare time, she manages social interventions that help individuals to cope with LGBTQ stigmas and other discriminative concepts.
I have been in the online publishing industry since 2015, both as a freelance contributor and a content marketing expert. I am a journalist by profession, completing my degree in Professional Journalism at the Boston University. Mostly, I tackle business ventures and determine its pros and cons. I always see the response of the people and provide quality suggestions to contribute to the progress of every headline.
I always aim for highly-researched journalistic views. As a professional journalist, I am to not only inform but also inculcate a piece of knowledge that contributes to the progress of the reader's understandings. I am a graduate of Professional Journalism and has been contributing to multiple media/news website for over five years.
Kurt is a dedicated journalism professional with years of expertise in uncovering the far fringes of technology and its relevance to the progress and development of every individual's way of life. He started his career as a freelance contributor for an independent UK news blog. He is now a full-time contributor to The Low Ball.
I've been a journalist since 2015. I've been covering the latest developments and research on Healthcare, and understand its participation to the public's welfare. I received my degree in Professional Journalism from Michigan State University, after which unfolded my wings and explored the far fringes of online publishing. I've worked as an editor and feature writer for multiple websites, and have found my home in The Low Ball.
As a seasoned journalist, my goal is to help the readers expand their horizons, understand new theories, and initiate a movement towards transparency and freedom of speech. I finished my Strategic Journalism degree from Western Washington University, and since then, ventured towards various opportunities reach beyond online publishing. I am a mother and a social activist. Thus, you can expect compelling and well-researched stories that add value to the on-going interpolation.