Travel Bothers Europe. What is the Share of Technology in Getting Us There


In the summers I and my wife along with our two kids traveled to Europe on a two week holiday. It wasn’t as grandiose as it sounds. In London, our Airbnb had sufficient skylights which made the place unlivable during Europe’s heat wave. In Paris our pleasing home-share had an immense hole in the roof of the entryway divulging load supporting beams that have been there since god knows when. And in Amsterdam our Airbnb publicized a kids’ bedroom furnished with toys, but the reality was totally opposite due to the presence of mosquitoes and mice.

I am not protesting. If travel issues are things of remembrance my holiday was indelible. And if there was an absence of home-sharing services like Airbnb, analysis sites like TripAdvisor and amenities like Uber, OpenTable and Expedia, our travel would have been extremely costly and in a peculiar way less original.

But my tech aided travel was illustrative too as it offered a primary look into a troublesome issue that has grasped much of Europe lately. The anxiety of “overtourism” and the increasing chorus that condemns technologies like Airbnb, Uber and other internet services sanctioned for travel comforts for the peril.

Every summer the most favored European stops overflowing with tourists who exceed natives with multitudes converting hot spots into clammy, selfies stick choked, disneyfied towns. They provide an experience of increasing global warning. Travelling is gaining momentum as a broadly apportioned past time.


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